I need c-o-f-f-e-e

I am completely “awed” by this video song performed in mummenschanz style:

The Coffee Song with Mr. Sketch-it

The Coffee Song was written by Ralph Covert, former indie bandmember of Bad Examples, and now children’s musician. He wrote and performed the song on the spot after he arrived at a musical event with a cup of coffee and encountered a group of mothers on edge, who were envious of the coffee and requested, at the very least, a “coffee song.” So he made one up, pleased the mothers, and now we have this haunting tune to hum every time we need coffee (kind of relaxes the itch in that space of need and satisfaction).

Awed Job, aka Mr. Sketch-it, takes this simple, innocent song and transforms it with haunting mummenschanz theatrics. With a homemade cardboard mask and three embedded digital video cameras, Awed Job combines child’s craft with technology and likewise transforms a children’s song into an adult masquerade with bulging digital eyes. I love it!

Also take a look at this video of the mummenschanz Swiss theater group in their guest appearance on the Muppet Show–I identify with the poor guy on the left. What I’d give to put my hands in those silly putty faces.


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